Practical Considerations When Seniors Move to Assisted Living

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Practical Considerations When Seniors Move to Assisted Living

Moving to assisted living is a major life transition that naturally can seem daunting to seniors and their families. However, approaching this move with positivity and proper planning can make all the difference. To help break it down, we’ve compiled some practical considerations for when seniors move to assisted living.



After a long life accumulating meaningful things, downsizing can be hard for seniors. But it’s important to prioritize important items and leave some behind when making the move to senior living.

First, identify the possessions that the senior cherishes most. Try to help them with any difficult decisions when it comes to letting things go. Having family or friends take special items, antiques, or furniture is another compromise that can help seniors to say goodbye and downsize.


Keep valuables safe.

Don’t risk losing important things during the move! Instead, store valuables like jewelry, sentimental family heirlooms, and important documents in a safe place (such as a secure lock box).


Label furniture.

Clearly label furniture before moving day. Whether the furniture is being moved into the senior’s new home, put into storage, or being donated, it will be much easier for you and the movers to have it all clearly labeled.


Consider Healthcare.

Consider the senior’s healthcare needs before the move. For example, they’ll need prescriptions transferred to their new pharmacy. Or the senior may need new healthcare providers and doctors altogether, depending on location. It’s important to consider their medical needs and doctors ahead of the move so they have continuous care.

Be sure to make sure any new providers are in-network for their health insurance and try to make appointments in advance as there can be long wait lists.



Register the senior’s new address with the US Postal Service and set up mail forwarding. This can easily be done online nowadays.

Besides taking care of mail, be sure to inform any relevant people or businesses of the senior’s new address. This may include lawyers, insurance and healthcare providers, financial services, etc.



Before the move, figure out how the senior will communicate with family and friends in their new home. Is there a telephone at the assisted living facility they will be using? Does the senior have a current cell phone to keep? If they don’t, do they want a cell phone now that they’ll be in assisted living? Talk to your senior loved one about communicating in their new home and make a plan to stay connected. This will help relieve some of their stress of being apart from family and friends.


Cancel utilities.

Don’t forget to cancel utility services (such as internet and electrical) for a date right after the move.


Double-check paperwork.

Before the move, contact the assisted living community to confirm that all necessary paperwork has been signed and processed.



Helping Hands for Seniors

If you or your senior loved one have already decided on an assisted living community, congratulations and good luck with the move! But if you’re still in the process of searching for senior living, Helping Hands for Seniors is available to guide you through the process and find the right senior living community for you.

Please feel free to reach out and contact us through the form on our website. You can also call us: 503-694-9577 or email

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