Debunking Myths About Assisted Living

Senior Living Facility in Portland, OR

Debunking Myths About Assisted Living in Portland, OR

If you or your senior loved one needs a little help with daily activities, assisted living communities are an excellent solution. They allow seniors to remain independent in a professionally managed community setting. Assisted living offers seniors an ideal balance between independence and connection with community. Unfortunately, there are a lot of outdated and misunderstood myths out there when it comes to assisted living which can scare away the seniors who could benefit from it most.


For those considering senior living options, it’s important to get clear on what is actually true and what is false. Being well-informed is vital to making important decisions about your or your loved one’s future.


Read on to clear up confusion as we debunk four common myths about assisted living.


MYTH: Assisted living means losing independence.

FACT: This is one of the most prevalent myths about assisted living and it is completely false. While residents are well taken care of, they are not babysat nor constantly supervised. They are free to do as they please and encouraged to keep up their favorite activities as long as they’re able to.

In fact, most communities offer a full social calendar of outings, activities, exercise, and flexible dining options. Participation is optional and it is all structured to make the seniors feel as comfortable, healthy, and independent as possible.


MYTH: Assisted living is the exact same as a nursing home.

FACT: Assisted living and nursing homes differ in significant aspects. While they both provide immediate access to healthcare, assisted living is structured around residents’ independence and autonomy. Medical support is only provided when it is really needed and desired. Such services can include medication management, mobility assistance, or assistance with hygiene and personal care.

This is vastly different from a nursing home where those suffering from chronic health issues require round-the-clock care.


MYTH: Assisted living is too expensive.

FACT: You might be surprised to learn that the cost of assisted living is often comparable to or less than the cost of receiving the same services and support at home. According to the 2019 Genworth Cost of Care Survey, senior home care costs are skyrocketing.

When you compare the two types of care, assisted living is more economical. Everything a senior needs is included in one rate. Plus there is the added convenience of having dining and nutritious meals, laundry and housekeeping, transportation services, social events, and, if later necessary, higher levels of medical care.


MYTH: Assisted living communities are lonely and boring.

FACT: This couldn’t be further from the truth. Living in an assisted living community provides endless opportunities to socialize and develop close friendships. Combating loneliness and maintaining social connections is crucial for wellbeing as we age.

Far from boring, assisted living communities offer seniors a full schedule of engaging activities, clubs, and outings. There is something for everyone. In fact, in recent decades, senior living has adapted and changed extensively to reflect the lifestyle needs and wants of Baby Boomer residents such as a stronger focus on wellness and fitness.


Now that we’ve debunked some of the most common myths about assisted living , it’s time to talk about choosing the best community for you or your senior loved one.


Helping Hands for Seniors is here for you as an expert resource to provide support and guidance in finding the right senior living community. Whether assisted living, memory care, or residential care, these communities can vary widely in costs, services, amenities, resident demographics and social programs. Our Helping Hands advisors can discuss each feature with you, matching you with the options that meet your family’s unique needs and preferences. We support you every step of the way!


If you’re interested in our assistance finding senior living, please feel free to reach out and contact us through the form on our website. You can also call us: 503-694-9577 or email

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