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We understand that entrusting a loved one into another’s care takes a considerable leap of faith. Helping Hands believes your loved one deserves the best care available, and a place where they are safe, comfortable, and valued.

Our goal is to educate our clients so they can make well-informed decisions, provide them the best options, and make the transition to a new home as smooth as possible.

We are contracted with hundreds of preferred providers in Oregon, Washington, and California.  Helping Hands has been placing elderly residents in quality housing facilities for over a decade and we are here to help!

Elderly Care & Senior Living Services in Portland, OR

Here's How it Works

Assessing, Touring, Transitioning...

Once you have briefed us on your loved one’s care, needs and desires, we will make appointments to tour several facilities that meet your criteria. This entire process including the transition should go at a pace that is safe and that everyone is comfortable with. However, in emergency cases this process can take as short as a day.

After we have done a comprehensive assessment of you or your loved one’s needs, we will begin a supportive, and compassionate process in helping you choose the best senior housing option.  This is often a very difficult time for the family and patient, especially when a progressive disease is involved.  Your Helping Hands staff is experienced and compassionate and will make this transition as easy as possible.

This assessment takes into account the patient’s medical diagnosis, financial status, social needs, and location.  Since not all facilities are the same, the medical diagnosis gives us and the provider an idea of the level of care required.

Elderly Care Placement in Portland, OR
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Are These Facilities Safe?

Prior to recommending and touring any facility Helping Hands will review any available state surveys, enforcement actions, or complaint files by the state.

Oregon, Washington and California have some of the most stringent compliance requirements for long term care facilities, and regularly conducts unannounced licensure surveys.  These facilities are licensed by DHS (Oregon), the Washington State DSHS (Washington), and the California Department of Social Services.  This high regulation is designed to promote safety, resident independence and self-direction to the greatest extent possible in a residential, non-institutional setting.


Even after the move, we remain in contact to ensure that the transition is smooth.

As industry leaders and because of our long-standing relationships with long-term facilities, Helping Hands is uniquely positioned to help find the appropriate care venues especially when circumstances present a harder fit.

Many of our long term care partner facilities are specialized to care for people who need: Ventilator care, enhanced behavioral units, complex care units, on-site dialysis and offers secured memory care.  Our affiliations also boast a diverse group of cultures, languages and ethnicities.

At Helping Hands for Seniors, your family is our focus. 

Thank You For Your Consideration!

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