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Elderly Care Services in Portland, OR

Caring for Seniors to Ensure Their Health & Happiness

Entrusting a loved one to a caregiver or facility’s care is a leap of faith many people must perform as they get older. However, the process of finding a perfect service provider or senior home doesn’t need to be a journey you take alone. Helping Hands for Seniors in Portland, OR is a locally owned and operated elderly care placement agency with care solutions we tailor to each senior and their family’s unique situation. Since 2007, we have kept relationships with Washington and Oregon independent living facilities, adult care homes, memory, and dementia care facilities, residential care facilities, and assisted living. Our dedication to every client’s happiness, comfort, and well-being drives us to provide exceptional elderly care services fitting their senior living needs and budget. Let us guide you to the right options for you or your loved one with supportive, compassionate service.

About Helping Hands for Seniors & Our Services

At Helping Hands for Seniors, your family is our focus. We conduct all our client services with compassion, professionalism, and integrity. Our comprehensive services come at no cost to you as we locate and educate you on the area’s best facilities and service providers. With our guidance and wealth of information, you can make well-informed decisions when choosing senior care options for yourself or a loved one. We hold contracts with hundreds of preferred providers, and our company has over a decade of experience placing elderly residents in housing facilities throughout Washington, Oregon, and California. After briefing us on the care your loved one needs and desires, we schedule appointments with several facilities meeting your criteria so that you can tour them. Every step of the process, including the transition, moves at a safe and comfortable pace for everyone.

Elderly Care Services in Portland, OR

Elderly Care Services We Offer

Your unique senior care needs guide our comprehensive services because we understand no two aclients have the same situation. Helping Hand for Seniors offers elderly citizens and their loved ones a stress-free and easier process. Clients may need a retirement community or independent living services, or their age-related disease requires a dementia care facility or services. Our mission is to help seniors locate safe, permanent, and nurturing homes supporting their health, happiness, and well-being. We will educate you and your family on senior care facility options and assist with Veteran benefits applications, private pay, and facility tours. Our team will also help you make decisions on activities, special needs, locations, and costs. With our vast network of elderly care service providers, we can make finding a home for yourself or another person a simpler process. Some examples of the services and facilities we cover with our expertise and compassionate assistance include the following:

Senior Living Communities in Portland, OR

Why Choose Us to Find Communities & Services?

Transitioning to a senior care facility can be a difficult time for everyone in your family. Having an experienced professional with access to trustworthy elderly care providers can ease your burden and lead to better senior health and well-being. At Helping Hands for Seniors, we handle every senior’s search with compassion and professionalism, with custom solutions to their needs. When determining a new home and scheduling tours, we take a patient’s medical diagnosis, social needs, location, and financial status. We thoroughly review facilities through state surveys, complaint surveys by the state, and enforcement actions before recommending them to seniors and their families. You’ll find some of the most stringent long-term care facility requirements in California, Oregon, and Washington. These states regularly perform unannounced licensure surveys. Our company stays in contact with you after moving into a facility to ensure the transition goes smoothly. We have a unique position to help seniors find appropriate care venues because of our longstanding relationships with long-term facilities.

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Helping Hands for Seniors is ready to help you and your family locate a safe, comfortable, and caring facility. We make a senior’s health, happiness, and well-being our top concern when advising clients on their choices in Portland and throughout Oregon, Washington, and California. You deserve the best possible options for senior assisted living, retirement communities, respite care, and other elderly care services and facilities. Our goal is to ensure you find a solution fitting your financial, social, and medical needs, where you or your loved one can make the most of your life within your abilities. A supportive and compassionate facility or caregiver does more than providing professional care and assistance. These resources give seniors safety and a respectable quality of life. Contact us today to start your search for a new senior home.

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