Senior Caregivers: How To Tell Family You Can’t Anymore

How do you tell family that you can’t be a senior caregiver anymore? How do you manage feelings of guilt? No matter the reason, when you’ve decided that you can’t continue to be a senior loved one’s caregiver, it can be a difficult situation and an emotional challenge. There is also the practical matter of […]

Practical Considerations When Seniors Move to Assisted Living

Moving to assisted living is a major life transition that naturally can seem daunting to seniors and their families. However, approaching this move with positivity and proper planning can make all the difference. To help break it down, we’ve compiled some practical considerations for when seniors move to assisted living.   Downsizing. After a long […]

Debunking Myths About Assisted Living

If you or your senior loved one needs a little help with daily activities, assisted living communities are an excellent solution. They allow seniors to remain independent in a professionally managed community setting. Assisted living offers seniors an ideal balance between independence and connection with community. Unfortunately, there are a lot of outdated and misunderstood […]

Maintaining Close Family Bonds With Senior Living

The importance of family in a senior’s life is truly immeasurable. It’s even been proven by scientific research. In fact, a study showed that the involvement of family members is tied to a higher quality of life among residents of assisted living communities. Senior communities which nurture interactions between family members are directly correlated with […]

Accepting Dependence on Care from Others

Growing older is inevitable and as we age, issues with physical, cognitive, or functional needs may begin to appear. It can be very difficult to realize you are struggling with basic needs and day-to-day living. Therefore, it’s understandable that seniors may be hesitant about accepting dependence on care from others. As experts in senior care […]

Memory Care Community For Seniors In Portland, OR

Choosing the Right Memory Care Community

At Helping Hands for Seniors, we understand how difficult it is to watch a loved one struggle with memory loss and suffer from cognitive decline. A diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can come along with a lot of decisions, throughout the entire progression of the disease. This often includes choosing a memory care facility. […]

8 Tips to Help Your Senior Loved One Transition to Assisted Living

Moving into assisted living is a big life change for seniors and, of course, can be intimidating. While there’s no way to completely ease worries with this type of move, there are some ways to help your senior loved one transition to assisted living.   Make sure you pick an assisted living facility that’s a […]

When is the Right Time to Move to Assisted Living?

The move to assisted living can be difficult but sometimes it’s even more difficult to determine the right time to move to assisted living. For many seniors, there comes a point where living on their own simply isn’t possible or safe anymore. It’s a move that many will eventually need to make: seniors 65 and […]

Elderly Falls: Protecting Your Loved Ones

Every second of every day in the United States an older adult falls, making falls the number one cause of injuries and deaths from injury among older Americans. Helping Hands for Seniors understands that protecting your loved ones and preventing elderly falls is crucial. This is why we are discussing the facts on falls, awareness […]

How Pets Can Help Seniors

Pets make happier and healthier seniors! While we all love our pets, there are particular health benefits for older pet owners that research has proven.   Pets improve the lives of older individuals in many ways. Here’s how pets can help seniors:   1.  Pets have a calming effect. Physiology helps explain why animals are […]

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