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To What Extent Does a Healthy Lifestyle Really Affect Aging?

As the world continues to change, so does our understanding of aging. We know that living a healthy lifestyle is important for our overall wellbeing, but many are not aware of how it can impact the aging process. Understanding how your lifestyle choices affect your aging will help you make better decisions about how to […]

Dementia Care Services in Portland

Advice for Healthy Aging

As we get older, it’s important to take good care of ourselves and our health. At Helping Hands for Seniors in Portland, Oregon, we understand that healthy aging is an ongoing process that requires us to stay active and mindful of our well-being. Here are six tips that can help you maintain your health as […]

What Can We Do to Better Support Our Aging Population?

The population of aging adults is growing, and it’s more important than ever to ensure that seniors are receiving the care and support they need. This means not only providing basic medical care, but also accommodating their changing needs in terms of housing and lifestyle. It also means addressing the challenges associated with longer lifespans, […]

Dementia Care for Seniors In Portland

How Do I Care for My Mother Who Has Dementia?

Caring for your mother, who has dementia, comes with a unique set of challenges. She may be experiencing physical, behavioral, and cognitive changes that keep you on your toes. Whether you are your mom’s sole caregiver or share the responsibility with others, you may find these tips helpful as her dementia continues to progress. Everyday […]

When Should a Person with Dementia Go into a Care Home?

Dementia is a cognitive condition that affects memory, communication, and the ability to perform normal daily functions. Early-stage dementia often does not require specialized care. However, cognitive decline may eventually reach a point where formal memory care services are necessary. Here’s how to tell when a person with dementia should go into a care home. […]

Hospice Care for Seniors in Portland, OR

How Do I Find the Right Senior Living Facility?

Moving to a senior living facility is a major life event. But if living alone has become lonely or unsafe for your loved one, the move could benefit everyone. Most assisted living communities pamper their residents with hot meals, housekeeping services, and medication management, not to mention the opportunity to socialize and make friends with […]

Palliative Care Services in Portland, OR

What is the Difference Between Palliative Care and Hospice Care?

If you or a loved one have a serious illness, getting the right kind of care is essential. Depending on your situation, you may benefit most from palliative care or hospice care. Both programs aim to control symptoms, provide pain relief, offer emotional support, and help patients and families make medical treatment decisions. Still, understanding […]

When is Senior Care Necessary?

When most people think about aging, they don’t like to think about needing elderly care services. Most of us would prefer to be independent, healthy, and self-reliant throughout our lifetimes! The reality, however, is that sometimes the challenges of aging can interfere with these plans for an independent lifestyle. If you find yourself in the […]

What is assisted living?

Helping Hands for Seniors discusses assisted living homes, explaining what assisted living facilities are and how they provide elderly care services.

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