How Do I Find the Right Senior Living Facility?

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How Do I Find the Right Senior Living Facility?

Moving to a senior living facility is a major life event. But if living alone has become lonely or unsafe for your loved one, the move could benefit everyone. Most assisted living communities pamper their residents with hot meals, housekeeping services, and medication management, not to mention the opportunity to socialize and make friends with fellow seniors. To avoid becoming overwhelmed by all your options, follow these tips as you search for the best place for your loved one to live out their senior years.

Determine the Right Level of Care

Senior living facilities offer varying levels of care and supervision. Some older people who can no longer live independently thrive in assisted living homes, where they can maintain relative independence while receiving help when they need it. For other seniors, a more specialized facility offering dementia care or Alzheimer’s services may be appropriate. Still others may choose a continuing care retirement community, where residents can transition into different types of care as their needs evolve.

The best way to determine the appropriate level of care is to get a medical and cognitive assessment. This increases the chance of finding the right senior living facility the first time around.

Consider Living Arrangements & Amenities

Does your loved one prefer an apartment or a freestanding home? Are they interested in events and activities? Does the community provide transportation services, wellness programs, and pet-friendly accommodations? These are the types of questions to ask as you begin narrowing down your options.

Check Credentials

Make sure any facility you’re considering is licensed by the state. Find out about any citations, fines, or violations they have received. And learn about the community’s staff turnover rates, the experience of staff members, and the average length of time residents stay.

Weigh the Costs

Senior living costs can vary widely. As you compare options, make sure you know what’s included in the listed price and what costs extra. Also, consider your long-term budget, which may include planning for increased costs as your loved one’s care needs change.

Visit the Community

Once you have a few high-quality, affordable senior living facilities in mind, the final step is to visit them in person. Come with questions to ask the staff, eat a meal onsite, and take pictures of accommodations and community areas. Also, consider the proximity to hospitals, shopping centers, and social opportunities like restaurants and movie theaters.

Contact Helping Hands for Seniors

Are you looking for the right senior living facility? Turn to Helping Hands for Seniors, an accredited senior living referral service qualified to help you find a safe, permanent, and nurturing home for your loved one. We can recommend high-quality providers, accompany you on tours at your request, and make sure you ask all the right questions. In short, we provide the resources you need to make a well-informed decision. For more information about our network of care providers and compassionate services in the Portland area, please call (503) 746-4740 or contact us online.

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