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Helping Hands for Seniors proudly provides assistance locating elderly care services for seniors in California, Washington, and Oregon communities like Portland. Hospice care can be difficult to accept because of the dire circumstances a patient faces due to a disease or condition like cancer or Alzheimer’s Disease. End-of-life care can help ease the burden on seniors and their families by letting a highly trained professional provide empathetic and gentle treatment and support. Our company has kept relationships with a wide array of senior care service providers and facilities since 2007, including dementia care facilities, retirement communities, and respite care services. With hospice services, our team can match you with reputable service providers and advise you on which will best fit your needs and budget.

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What Is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is an essential medical service and means of support during a patient and their family’s very difficult time, and hospice care at home lets seniors stay with their loved ones and out of hospitals. This medical service is a special type of care specifically for children and adults with life-limiting illnesses, such as cancer, respiratory diseases, cardiac diseases, and dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease. Hospice care providers offer professional care to these individuals while supporting their caregivers and families. Helping Hands for Seniors has described some examples of what hospice care includes:

  • Treating a Patient’s Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional Needs
  • Letting Patients Direct Their Own Care
  • Personalized Care Services
  • Hospice Aides (CNA)
  • Pain and Symptom Control
  • Social Services
  • Bereavement Support
  • Nursing Services
  • Geriatric & Palliative Care
  • Volunteer Assistance
  • Supporting Caregivers and Family Members
  • Helping Patients Live as Pain-Free and Comfortable as Possible for Their Remaining Lives
  • Providing All Services and Support at a Patient’s Home, Home-Like Setting, or Hospital
  • Believing a Patient’s Quality of Life Is as Important as Their Length of Life
Hospice Care Service in Portland, OR

When You Should Consider Hospice Care

Considering hospice care for yourself or a loved one doesn’t need to be a painstaking process. At Helping Hands for Seniors, we can connect you with hospice care specialists and schedule a time to learn more about them. Typically, you may need hospice care when medical treatment can no longer offer a cure for an illness. This type of care focuses on a patient and their family’s comfort and quality of life. The sooner you reach out to us to locate and acquire adequate hospice care, the better your circumstances will be, including your physical and emotional welfare. We recommend considering the following factors when deciding if you need hospice care:a

  • Your Physician Recommends Hospice and Refers You to a Specialist.
  • You or a Loved One Has a Terminal Medical Condition and Six Months or Less to Live.
  • You Agree to Symptom Palliation or Control Instead of a Cure.
  • You Agree to Follow a Care Plan the Patient, Hospice Team, and Physician Develop.
  • You Have a Place of Residence That’s a Safe Environment for the Hospice Staff, Caregiver, and Patient. This May Include a Home, Foster Home, or Residential Care Facility.
Hospice Care for Seniors in Portland, OR

Specialized Hospice Care Services for Seniors

Helping Hands for Seniors thoroughly verifies every hospice care provider we recommend to patients and their families. If you’re battling the last stages of an illness, hospice care is designed to provide comforting care. This compassionate service covers a patient’s physical, psychological, and other health-related needs. Hospice providers also offer counseling services to help patients and their families deal with their terminal conditions. Hospice care patients may receive care from a medical support team, including counselors, nurses, doctors, social workers, volunteers, and hospice aides. While many people receive hospice care at home, patients can also receive care at a hospital.

Benefits of Hospice Care

While receiving hospice care, patients get ample support and skilled care during the remainder of their lives. Some compelling benefits of hospice care include the following:

  • Familiar Environment – Hospice care is available to patients in hospitals and nursing homes, but people can also receive care at hospice facilities or in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Comprehensive Care Plan – A comprehensive medical plan involving a medical and health care team can reduce pain and control a patient’s comfort by addressing every aspect of their illness.
  • Personalized Care and Support – Hospice care providers offer 24-hour on-call services with customized care. Hospice is a team approach to support the family and patients individual needs.
  • Less Financial Burdens – Many families find hospital bills overwhelming, but choosing hospice care significantly reduces their out-of-pocket costs. Private insurances, Medicare, and Medicaid can also help cover hospice care. In most cases there are no out of pock costs to the patient or family.
  • Care Respecting a Patient’s Wishes – Placing a loved one in hospice lets families focus on time spent with a patient instead of dealing with extensive procedures or red tape. Hospice care considers a patient’s wishes essential when providing care and support.
  • Sense of Dignity – Patients can die with dignity while receiving hospice care. Your loved one doesn’t need to endure invasive procedures, poking or prodding by medical personnel, or being connected to loud machines.

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Helping Hands for Seniors always treats every client with the utmost compassion and respect for their comfort and well-being. We consider all aspects of your specific situation when guiding you to elderly care service providers, including your unique needs and financial concerns. Let us ensure you or your loved one receives the best possible hospice care when a terminal illness limits their lifespan. Our services can help you and your family stay as comfortable as possible and optimize your quality of life. Contact us today to speak with a team member about your senior care needs and arrange professional solutions.

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